Punta Cana – The French-Dominican artist Georges Thevenet announces a permanent exhibition in the central corridor of the monumental business project Blue Mall Punta Cana. The opening and ribbon cutting of these sculptures will take place on Tuesday 10 November.

The artist, who has worked for more than three decades on Dominican territory and has been working very closely with the Blue Malls of the Dominican Republic and the Velutini Group for more than six years, says he is very proud that his works are a permanent part of this tourist square, probably the most important in the Dominican Republic.

“Having the patronage of Blue Mall is a great opportunity for the development of my art. Here I will be presenting three groups or “forests”, and each forest will be made up of three pieces each, with interpretations of trees ranging from 4.5 to 7 meters high in which I have worked an interesting combination of iron and wood,” said the renowned artist.

Thevenet said that “visitors to the plaza will be able to connect with a piece of Dominican history because I use wood from old houses throughout the country as elements of my pieces, so they are all a hymn to the island culture, becoming exceptional works”.
“Without a doubt, Blue Mall is a worldwide brand and my works will form part of this seal that represents quality and style, in addition to the fact that art is taking on a lot of importance in the square, since the Oscar Abreu exhibition at the Artworks gallery was recently inaugurated”, he said.

Georges Thevenet
He was born in Lyon, France, in 1961 and from a very early age showed a great sensitivity for the plastic arts : In 1968 at the age of 7, his mother enrolled him in a handicraft course called “Les Mains Enchant√©es” which translates as “The Enchanted Hands”, where he learned to paint and work with clay.

At 16, between school breaks, he is apprenticed to the artist-potter Patrice Rouby in the region of Dieulefit, famous in the South of France for his talented artistic production.
From the age of 18, he became passionate about artistic photography.

After finishing his studies in Architecture and Human Sciences at the Lyon faculty, he feels at home in France and decides to explore the world with a simple rucksack on his back.

After getting to know Europe, he crossed the Atlantic making a stop in New York, and then headed for the Caribbean, where he found the freedom and independence he longed for, putting down roots in Puerto Plata in 1987 at the age of 26.

After undertaking various activities, Georges resumes photography with love and enthusiasm. His three children were born in Santiago between 1989 and 1992.

Until 2006 he mainly works in the field of photographic art, using Santo Domingo as a base to explore the Caribbean, fascinated by the socio-cultural challenges and spectacular landscapes.

Georges Thevenet’s works are part of important collections, both in the country and abroad.

Credits: El Caribe
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