Virginia Goris | L2 Special
Santo Domingo, DR
One of the most important cultural activities last year was the celebration of the ArtForo 2019 Fair, Dominican Republic, organized by the artist “scar Abreu, at the National Gallery of Fine Arts. It was directed by Marianne de Tolentino.

ArtForo was dedicated to Miguel Cocco, for his patronage and for the collection of the General Direction of Customs, and had the special invitation of Freddy Cabral and George Thevenet. The fair had as an objective -and it succeeded- to promote, stimulate, and energize the art market in the country and to create the angles so that the stage where the magic emerges is woven, because when you buy a work of art you are not only acquiring the work of art, but you are also acquiring a piece of history. Abreu knew how to face the enormous challenge of developing and bringing ArtForo 2019 to a happy ending. His challenge marked an extraordinary milestone in native art that needed a fresh and renovating breeze that national artists ponder.

Credits: Listín Diario
Photography: Listín Diario
Link: Listín Diario