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Oscar Abreu

Maldito Coronavirus, 2020

Mixed media on paper

22.5 in x 30.1/4 in

“Memory of Uncertainty”

This exhibition that we present with enthusiasm at ARTWORKS, Blue Mall Punta Cana from August 26th to October 28th 2020, is my 36th individual exhibition and it is inspired by this damned pandemic in which I have lost great friends. Hoping that in the not too distant future, everything will be the same again, because I miss the kisses and hugs from family and friends, and besides, it is my first summer without my daughters because of the covid-19; their joy, their enthusiasm and that magic of innocence that makes me another boy, we play all day and I enjoy teaching them the games I played in my childhood, games that connect us to the spirit of my Dominican roots.

ODOP stands for “One Dollar for One Peso”.
The contribution of ( @artworksdr )AW Gallery Project S.R.L. of one dollar for each piece sold will offer the possibility of acquiring a unique object, made with relics from the Dominican Republic, signed and numbered on a piece of one Dominican peso.



Fine Arts


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